Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Hardest Part of my Day

Some people say they are not morning people.

I totally respect that, but that is not me.

No, I love the morning.

But what I don't love is waking up.

I confess, I love to sleep. So the hardest part of my day is the 60 seconds between unconsciousness and rolling out of bed.

I thought that as I grew older, it would get easier for me. Surely by now I should have learned how to get up in the morning, right?

But here I am, telling you something shameful about myself. I love to sleep. I hate to get up.

Once I'm up, I'm as happy as a kid watching cartoons on a Saturday.

So I guess that makes me a morning person, I just hate the process of waking up.

But lately I've discovered something truly magical. Something worth getting out of bed for. Something that makes those 60 seconds bearable.

Morning quiet time.

It's quiet. It's still. It's untouched and peaceful, like a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

I'm greeted by cool breezes during the summer and a warm blanket in the winter, but no matter the season, I am always greeted by my Savior.

Wiping sleep from my eyes, I curl up in my favorite chair, breathe deeply and begin to think about what I am thankful for, read my Bible, confess my sins of the previous day, ask for strength to overcome my weaknesses, and to intercede in prayer for those in my life and on my heart.

It is not a time to check my phone, talk with my spouse, iron clothes, or pay bills.

It is reserved for Jesus. It is my safe place of solace and restoration.

“He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:2-3

My time with the Lord in the mornings is often the one thing that gets me through the day. Don’t get me wrong. My life is not nearly as hard as some. But there are days where either irritability, circumstances, or other people in my life just about do me in. On those days- on those bad days- I still can reflect on the preciousness of the morning.

I can say, “Yes, Lord. I wasn’t great today. I lost my temper with my husband, and I sinned in these other ways. Yes, Lord. Today did not go as I wanted it to. Yes, Lord. I let my emotions run wild today. But still, you love me. And in the tenderness of the morning I can regroup and refocus my energy, my thoughts, and my actions. Today, wasn’t great, but at least I had time with you this morning.”

This is not to say that mornings are the only time God speaks to me or is thought about throughout the day. Really, quite the opposite. It is a constant striving to consistently incorporate my spiritual and outward life. The purpose of talking about the preciousness of the morning is to emphasize a meeting place where God is the focus, no matter what.

Setting aside time for prayer, reflection, thanksgiving, confession, and petitioning is vital to building Godly strength as a Christian.

Christ deserves our focus every day and you need time alone with your Savior and sustainer. So what about you? Do you have a time in your day where God is all there is?

If you already have a time set aside for that, would you please encourage others by sharing below how your quiet time has altered your world.