Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This Changed My Life. It Can Change Yours, Too.

Do you think it sounds cliche when you hear someone say "xyz totally changed my life!"

I usually assume said person is being dramatic, or exaggerating the impact the event had on their life. Unless, of course, they had a baby. Then I believe them 100%.

But here I am, about to tell you something that changed my life...and it's not a baby.

So before you get all judgy-judge on me, understand that I have been running, like Jonah, as far away from my personal Nineveh as I can get. The direction of my life was headed south, when all God wanted from me was to make the first possible u-turn. But did I listen? Uh...not exactly.

Not only do people have flight or fight responses when it comes to conflict, but they also have those responses when they come face to face with what God has called them to do.

For me, it was flight. I ran hard and fast away from God's plan. Not from God himself, but I was ignoring his guidance completely.

This has some pretty sucky consequences on one's life. If you're not obeying God, how can you expect to grow in Him, draw near to Him, or be fulfilled by Him?

You can't.

So you're stagnant in your faith.

And let me tell you, stagnation equals frustration.

So when you're in desperate need of a change in direction, and something as crazy powerful as the IF:Gathering comes along, it changes your direction, and therefore, your life.

So, I boldly say:

I was part of IF:Gathering Local this past February, and it truly changed my life.  

The women who ran this conference were on fire. Not just temporarily, but consistently. They live their lives full out for Christ every day. I know, because I follow their blogs and their Instagram profiles, and I read their books. They are real. They are genuine. They are passionate.

They challenged me to serve where I am, to follow God's leading, and to have no other priorities before God. They teach that God should receive the glory. They show that committing your life to His purpose is what we're here to do.

During the conference, I talked with the ladies in my small group about what we were struggling with, what we hoped for, and what we felt God calling us to do. It was not only a changing point in our relationships with one another, but also confirmed that God was orchestrating our lives.

Even if you don't have a chance to go to the conference next year, I would encourage you to check out the work of these powerful, faithful, world-changing women. Some recommendations are Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, Ann Voskamp, and Christine Caine. There is no doubt that one of these women will inspire and challenge you to live fully committed to Christ.