Monday, July 13, 2015

Am I beautiful?

I have teamed up with Daughter of Delight to write a devotional once each week. It will appear first on Daughter of Delight and Instagram, but I will also post them here. 

She (wisdom) is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. -Proverbs 3:15

Don’t you hate when jewelry gets tangled? As beautiful as jewelry is, it is so frustrating if it gets messed up. Not only does jewelry get tangled, but it must also be regularly cleaned. If not, it gets tarnished.

However, the great thing about jewelry is that it is hardly ever really broken. It can generally be repaired by fixing a link in the chain or by soaking in jewelry cleaner.

Women are just like jewelry. We are beautiful and desirable. We have a certain purpose, and we bring unique beauty to our world. Some of us are bold and colorful, while some have the beauty of simplicity. Regardless, we are all beautiful to the one who created us.

But, sometimes we get tangled. We get wound up in ourselves and lose our beauty. We get caught up in careers, relationships, insecurities, and sin. Sometimes we also become dull women. We have true beauty, but somehow we've lost our shine. We’re like a piece of jewelry that was once radiant but has become tarnished by the world. We are nowhere nearly as beautiful as we thought we would be by now.

I don’t know which woman you most identify with today. Perhaps you feel dull and tarnished. Perhaps you feel caught up in your sins, or maybe you feel you have a missing link and you don’t know how to fix it.

Do not fear. Our Savior sees you, broken, tangled, and tarnished, and he sees beyond your current state. He remembers your beauty and he knows how to fix you. He can repair your broken links, untangle you, and He can make you shine like never before. He has the power to overcome whatever has made your feel less than the beautiful jewel you were created to be.

Surrender to your Creator and to your Deliverer. He is ready and waiting to restore your beauty. All you have to do is ask.