Monday, July 13, 2015

The Truth About your Emotions

You can feel them welling up inside you again.

You know this feeling well. It’s become a friend, a beloved companion.

It’s stronger when you're stressed and completely unruly when you get hurt.

It’s your emotions.

They’ve run wild yet again.

How do you stop your emotions from controlling your life?

Your emotions are comfortable, and you believe you’re entitled to them.

But yet, deep down you know they’re not right. You know you have to learn to control them.

But how? How do you stifle their destructive course?

Maybe you want to hear something clichéd, like, “Just hand it all over to God, and all your problems will go away. He will take them and mold you into the woman He wants you to be.”

But I'm not going to say that. You know why? Because I’m tired. I’m tired of putting band aids on gushing head wounds. I’m ready to hear anything besides, “Just hand it over to the good Lord and all your problems will go away.”

It’s not that easy. Saying this to a woman who really struggles to keep her emotional tides at bay is a complete waste of time.

So if the answer we keep getting to our question is, “Just give it over to God,” isn’t working, what does?

The answer is work.

Working to overcome our emotional outbursts works. Work works. Go figure.

We must use our God-given brains and self-discipline to do work.

God doesn’t want us to mindlessly give our problems over to him and assume it will turn out peachy keen.

Yes, we must give our problems to the Lord, but doesn’t stop there.

We have to take the next step.

We have to do the hard work of changing.

You have the power to change your way of thinking. You have the power to calm yourself down the next time you get upset. You hold the God-given power of self-discipline and you can use it.

Surrender your thoughts and worries to God, but please, don’t stop there. We are the most powerful instrument God has given us to wage war against our strongholds and our shortcomings. Yes, God protects. Yes, God provides. But he also expects us to stand and fight.

So don't leave your quiet time after laying everything at his feet with nothing. Leave with the armor of the Lord upon you and the protection of the Lord surrounding you, and go out there and fight your daily battles against the world and within yourself.

Your emotions may run wild today, but by doing the hard work of seeking the Lord and asking him to teach you how to control them, you can become the woman God created you to be.