Thursday, March 24, 2016

The silver lining around the dark cloud of our political forcast

Confession: I hate politics. I hate the negativity. I hate the conflict. I hate the meaninglessness debates. I hate the whole three ring circus.

Regardless of your political views, most would agree that the Trump v. Cruz and Trump v. Clinton situation we have going is atrocious and has brought out the worst in us.

But you know what? There is a silver lining, per usual from me. Even though I hate politics, I can't help but think it is beautiful that in this country we have such freedom of speech that we can tell anyone and everyone exactly how scared we are for our country's future.

Yes, you might have to endure some pretty awful Facebook posts, campaign ads, so-called intellectual debates, and late night television spoofs of our soon to be president. But what you'll also notice if you look past all the ugliness is freedom of speech.

As Americans, we are allowed to shout from the rooftops. This might not win us any friends, but it is still our right to choose how many people we want to offend with our viewpoints, and that freedom is glorious.

Jacob and I just got back from a trip to Thailand a few months ago where we were instructed to never say anything disrespectful about the King of Thailand. My guess is that there are some people who don't like him very much, but no one is allowed to say anything.

But here in America, we can talk about it til we're completely friendless if we want to. We can write a blog post about it in our living room and post it immediately. We can start a protest in the streets or even write a book about it. We can spout off about our country's impending leaders on national television or make front page news with our opinions. Let us never forget that this is incredible.

So, throughout the remaining months until November, while you're enduring the ever increasing ugliness of the presidential race, take a minute to appreciate your right to freedom of speech. It's precious, and not to be taken for granted for one minute.