Friday, July 1, 2016

All Women Have this Bad Habit- And It Has To Stop

There is a daycare at the church where I work. Two days a week moms come by and drop off their adorable, precious children for a few hours so they can get some mommy stuff done without the munchkins.

Most of them are just normal mamas, going about their business of being rock stars.

And then there are a few women who I hate to see because not only are they supermom, but they are supermom who actually looks good in those superhero tights (aka yoga pants.)

They are the gorgeous, fit ones with toned arms and the cutest athleisure outfits you've ever seen.

When I see these women, I'm filled with the worst of the human emotions- jealousy, bitterness, shame, self-consciousness, and anger.

It's not a pretty sight. I feel all these things as I think, "Wow. She is stunning. She has had a baby and she looks better than I ever have. What am I doing with my life?"

This, my friends, is sin. Pure, ugly, detestable sin. And on more than one occasion I noticed how icky I felt after having these feelings and thoughts.

We have all heard that comparison steals joy. It's so oversaid, that we've forgotten how true it is.

So, instead of hounding you with the phrase, "Comparison steals your joy!" and admonishing you to not compare yourself to others, (an impossible feat) I'll tell you something new.

The next time you notice that you are comparing your physical body to someone else's and feeling icky about it, remember this.

Your jealousy can be turned into inspiration.

Jealousy is wanting something someone else has, and wishing you could have it too. But inspiration is seeing something someone else has, and believing you can have it too.

It's the difference between being passive and being active. It's the difference between doubting yourself and knowing you can do it.

You want a better body, to be more fit, to look better? Great. Let that woman who is kicking butt inspire you. She looks great. So can you.

Right now, the only difference between her and you is that she is trying and you aren't.

Maybe that's a little harsh. But I don't think so. I think that's just the truth.

So, the next time that cute mama, or fit barista at your coffee shop, or wherever that woman is, instead of turning green with envy, say in your mind, "She looks awesome! I want to look awesome. We can both look awesome. What can I learn from her?"

And then, go do something about it. I believe in you.