Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vulnerability is not weakness

I have this beautiful friend, Cecelia.

She and I have this really cool thing going. We send each other what we write so that a) we can encourage each other to write more b) we can keep up with what is REALLY going on in each others lives.

Cecelia hates small talk too. She loves deep, vulnerable conversation.

And friend, she doesn't just say this, she actually lives it. She recently sent me the most moving piece she has ever sent me. It was all about how she had an ugly cry over a sink full of dishes (I mean, you can relate, am I right?), and also about how God is bigger than our idea of who we should be. It was full on brave, and beautiful, and I told her just that.

The thing is, even though I love vulnerability and honesty and real talk, I struggle so hard when it comes to being faithful to write on this blog. 

The reason is that I have been a ball of emotions. Some, so tightly wrapped around another, that it feels impossible to start unraveling it because there would be knots, and frustration, and most likely some agony.

So I haven't written in forever. I'm serious. It has been almost 2 months, and I'm just now getting around to writing about all the life changes and the truth bombs that have exploded in my world.

Most likely it would have been a couple more months until I wrote again, if it wasn't for Cecelia. 

Her article made me realize what I have known all along.

Vulnerability is not weakness. It is where our strength lives. Those places where I feel most alone and ugly is the place where I have the power to point others to Christ. Vulnerability is not weakness; it is ground zero for my strength.

So, with my most vulnerable strength, I will begin to unravel the ball of emotions and life lessons so that you can be encouraged and strengthened and spurred on toward Christ.

Do you have a beloved friend like Cecelia? Tell me who she is and what she has been teaching you lately.