Thursday, November 3, 2016

Find out what is secretly ruining your health

When you read that I'm talking about health, part of you was like, "Yeah! Awesome! I'm totally going to get healthy!"

Then the other part of you was twirling a doughnut around your finger, rolling your eyes, and thinking, "She hasn't even started, and I'm so totally over it."

I get it. Talking about health is uncomfortable. 

Don't worry, though. I'm not going to spout off trite statistics about how females are ashamed of their bodies because we are influenced by the human sticks we see sporting the latest fashions.

While this might be part of the problem, I don't think it warrants our time. We have deeper things to discuss.  

I want to talk about why we feel so much shame when we begin to think about our bodies and our health. Then, I want us to get over it so we start loving our bodies and being proud of our health instead.

Eventually, when we talk about exercise and eating healthy, I want your eyes to light up and a smile to spread across your face. I want your health to be something you're proud of, not ashamed of.

Our bodies are insanely cool. They are a big positive in a world of negatives. They were built to endure hard things and they are capable of incredible change.  

Our bodies are worth our time and effort, and there is absolutely no place for shame in regards to our bodies. So where does body shame come from?

We feel shameful:

  • when we give into temptation.
  • when we're eating our weight in carbs, while that girl- you know the one- is happily dipping her carrot sticks in hummus and not seeming tempted at all. 
  • for not being sexy enough.
  • for having to buy new jeans because our old ones don't fit.
  • because it shouldn't be this hard.
  • because we don't have the desire to get healthy.
  • because we know in our heart of hearts that it matters. 

Do you feel it? Do you realize how much shame plays a role in your daily life related to your health? This is heavy stuff, friend. It's a battle every day, and it is a battle we all share.

So why is no one talking about this? 
Why are we letting shame control us? Why are we not being the brave, intelligent, hard-working women I know we are?

Because we're uncomfortable. Because we're ashamed. Because we feel vulnerable and like we never measure up. Because we're busy and have more pressing matters to attend.

But do we?

If you take care of your health, a lot of things will fall into place. 
Our bodies are the key to unlocking other things we're after; big things like purpose, peace of mind, contentedness, and happiness.

It is time to stop ignoring our health and our bodies. 

As women, we get so caught up taking care of our intellect, emotions, and spiritual life, we forget our physical body needs our attention too.

I am going to spend the next few weeks talking about health, diet, exercise and how they are influenced by things like shame, comparison, and neglect. In the end I want you to realize your body is awesome, your health matters, and you are enough.

I think it is time to reevaluate how we feel about health and fitness. We have to start thinking positively about our bodies, our weight, and our diet so we can be more satisfied with our lives and prepared to do the work Christ has called us to do.

Even if you feel uncomfortable with this topic, I challenge you to stick around and engage with me. It'll be worth your time. I promise.